∙love is the wine

"that is love which always & forever remains the same, whether one grants it everything or denies it everything." ~

"A Lover's Sonnet"

"Let not love's light flicker upon solitary, burning flames"

"A Sonnet Inviolable"

"For to be love's young passion"


you are reposing in my sun's rays whilst i dwell in your veiled shadow crying, crying at the uneven corner dissecting the shade's size and shape questioning the necessary adjustments with life's amplified tape measure~ you smile beautifully at my dimensions you are eating from my life's banquet bearing witness to my spiritual recovery prostrating before my alluring magnetism giving unforetold foreign salutations as a sixth tongue is taught &; mastered notice the fingers on Allah's right hand~ as handprints touch the chair's gilded lip you are teaching my impatience patience my constant stirring to calmly unwind my tears to softly laugh and smile my fluttering heart to be still and taste the knowledge~ you seem at peace whilst i, i am at war with my skin's battleship.


"Water drowns the maiden and frees the lover,"


Prithee kind sir, doth thee love thy lady?"

"Heart Virgin"

"Didst thou want to break heart virgin?"

"Inward Change"

Is your life filled with loving, fulfilled caring people?"

"Liquefying our shadows"

"You are the proverbial light on the dark side of my unquiet mind"

"Making love"

"firm loins p a r t i n g"

"Newborn Ari"

"a precious new life has entered the world."

"One Thought"

"O! sweet tongue of honesty..."

"Parallel lives"

"What is it that transpires between them?"


"...Recoiling. I find myself recoiling from you."

"The Countervailing"

"Thy invisible hand I grasp as you dry these moist tears."

"The Transposition"

"`til my shape mirrors yours"

"The Yearning Eternal"

"screaming hunger of their unquiet flesh."

"Time Present"

"unable to reflect, helplessly i howl"


"i stand back in awe as you smile"

"Whilst dreaming of you"

"your breath blows and breezes..."