∙∙∙∙∙∙∙the dragon stirs

"spirit is dreaming in man."

"long awaited visit"

a little poem about patience~

"always with reed"

a little poem about unheard music~

"beijing 2008"

a tanka~ kung hei fat choy/gong xi fa cai! happy new year.

"either from or towards"

though only a few short footsteps, `tis the longest journey one will take~


a little haiku


a little haiku


a sensual haiku


a sensual haiku


an inflaming haiku


a dark haiku

"he is the glow in my eyes"

as i looked to the scorching sun, the...

"in the spiritual, a necessary"

come! you, i invite inside my genie bottle...

"kinetic music"

...disappear and become a note!


the dogs of night howl down the moon, the stars do twist the wind in tune, the lighter lights dim in the bulb as is the night the story's told...


quite simply, a sonnet.

"spirit freedom"

the red in your sash belt resembles...

"the full, new moon"

for three days, the sky has been without...