∙∙divine wine

"indeed words would be an empty vessel save for the deeds like water that fill."

"Blue Eclipse"

"Transform ember to phoenix"

"Dreams, my place of"

"come, walk along the perimetre of the sun"


"like lifted perfume"


distant light flickers over the white foaming crashing waves that kiss the shore's voluptuous shoreline. endless timeless as is this love for us. your face, i yearn to touch as souls caress the face-soul of the other. i seek your smile amongst the peebles on the shore. shining brightly, our upturned faces upon each small stone, as it reflects its reflection. weep for me, weep oceans for me as i cry and create the atlantic for you and i. come inside our droplet, be still and listen allow it to pull us ever closer; suddenly drowning in the holiest of water. the bowl the inverted bowl so very blue and and so very beautiful Ah! now you see the Face. Touch her. T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova

"Gazelle after the dying"

"embracing life without a policy of inclusion"

"Kuwait awaiting"

"I linger, along with others,"

"Musk of the Most High"

"inside the speechless new moon"

"Mystic Tongues"

"speak to us, laleipo"

"t is for..."

~*~ "tiptoeing towards Allah`s divine palace... The Light!" transcend with grace upon the zeal of our delight hover above the lip of life`s unheard note. ~*~

"The Jewelling"

"blue becomes green and then white until death"

"The Quietness"

"upon the drift of the moon i sit"