Calling all ABCers...

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Calling all ABCers...

Just a reminder that the ABCTales/Booktribes seaside get together is only a couple of weeks away!!

The evening event will kick off at 7pm for 7.30pm, 'Upstairs at the Western Front' Cranbourne Street, Brighton on Saturday 23rd June.

A chance to meet up with everybody plus readings from:

Ralph Dartford - ralph
Liana Hemmett -Liana07
Lou gallagher(thomas)-2lou
Dan Derrett- maddan
Alison Dunne-ivoryfishbone

Here’s the venue…

I’ll be posting up details of a daytime rendezvous shortly for anyone who’d like to make a day of it.

Should be fun. Buy some rock... have a dip... spot Kolley Kibber...

Meanwhile – Jude has produced some wonderful flyers, if anybody would be kind enough to print a few to distribute.


wow what an excellent line up! I can't wait! jude "Cacoethes scribendi"
Enzo v2.0
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Nice! Sounds cool!
Do you know if 17-year-olds will be allowed to attend?
i will be accompanied by a 42 yr old and will drink alcohol ... can i come?
only if you're no longer tagged. Okay… afternoon meet-up. From 2pm at the Honey Club on the seafront. It has a large outside bar on the beach. If you’re coming from Brighton Station, head straight down Queen’s Road and keep going 'til you find yourself walking on pebbles. Look behind you. The Honey Club is amongst the arches. If you’re coming from other directions, it’s down on the beach opposite West Street and the incredibly hideous Odean cinema (it’s easy to spot – it used to be the Kingswest cinema and those darling 1970’s planners put a f*ing crown on it.) If it’s heaving – which it may well be if it’s hot – we can always take our refreshments and relax on the sand. Well not sand, exactly… ~
Hmm, sounds good! And I wish I could come. I really enjoyed the one I went to in Derby. Mark was lovely and I got to chat to Liana about Prague and there were some good readings and lots of lager!!!!! Although these days I'm more of a red wine drinker. I'm getting old. Although I did recently try on a pair of huge white rimmed sunglasses in Top Man and thought I looked rather dinky.


Hahahaha... oh drew i WISH you would come...
i might kidnap him ... stow him in the boot of the elderly peugeot ... bwahahahahhaaaaaa ...
Haha... I am pretty difficult to get to go out............ but........ I would like to come but as I said I'm at work at 7am on the Sunday!!!! The police are a bit difficult to get time off with. (But good news I just found out I got a pay rise today! Yeah!)


early morning train? I dont think you are making any effort at ALL young feller me lad. Its not even far for you. Do you realise Im having to set out tomorrow, its so far from me? Come on. Make an effort.
I will try and twist some buttons at work!!! xxxxxxx


*sweeps out boot*
SORRY FOLKS - TIME CHANGE!!! Well, a very small one - 7pm for 7.30pm (not 6.30pm). Cheers Lou ~
just looking on booktribes and can't see any mention of the event on there ... have i missed it? has an email gone out to both lists saying about the event? xxx
I sent out an email on Friday morning to all ABCtalers but the newsletter system seems to have fallen over. I will be on to Mike Dixon about it tomorrow. I will get it put up on booktribes in the morning also - and sent out to all booktribers next week. Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks Barely Black.
I'm looking forward to it v much. I'm staying with some friends in Brighton so I can rhumba the night away. Is there a DJ etc?


i'd like to do dancing ... oooh yes ... I love the Komedia. Fish. Do you tango?



i do a very good polka ...
Oh I know. I've seen you. Dotting about etc.


Lookit. I made a google map (I'm bored)




Is it for karl's wife? I know she used to make you them all the time...


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