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Does anyone out there loathe and fear them as I do?

No. Except the one in Ashes to Ashes is a bit scary. But then that's Bowie's clown...
I hate 'em with their relentless good cheer and oh so hilarious slapstick! They want everyone to be as smiley as they are and all I want to do is run away from them. There is a breed of clown worse than the traditional circus type though: the New Age clown-workshop-isn't-clowning-right-on? type of clown. Do me a favour! Bastards!
'Let's all drink to the death of a clown.' Dave Davies 196-something.

Gibbous House:  Ewan's First Novel
No Good Deed :  Ewan's Second Novel "the same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse"

There was an excellent clown horror movie mining all our fears of men in make-up and over-sized shoes. Tim Curry in IT was good but this weird b-movie involved clowns from outer space with exploding noses, turned out they were cannibals and pitched their tents when they needed feeding. It got right under my sequined collar! Gedditttt...I'm a secret clown! How do I know you aren't all wearing Pierrot costumes? I agree with Kroptokin about the New Agers - they go to circus school. I've got a relentlessly-perky-depressive in my street who on the slightest provocation dyes her hair green and gets out the unicycle.


killer clowns from outer space. I think that was the film you're talking about black. scared the beejeezes (yes, beejeezes) out of me when I was young. now that I watch its kinda lame, but still wierd. thanks to Stephen King for giving new terror to the world of clowns, as if they weren't creepy enough before IT...

Give me the beat boys and free my soul! I wanna getta lost in ya rock n' roll and drift away. Drift away...

Clowns are evil. That's all there is to it.
thanks to the cackling clown in a box that used to haunt the entrance to blackpool pleasure beach when I was a lad, I've always been scared of them. I've no idea whether that clown in a box is still there but he's bobbing about and laughing in my head as we speak. Too much, man. I reckon it's because I entered that fairground with an anxiety about the rides I was about to go on, and here was this crazy looking fucker sneering at me as I passed...

~It's a maze for rats to try, it's a race for rats to die.~

Clown shoes always remind me of the original Sleuth which was great... can’t say the same for the remake. Speaking of remakes (well sort of) does St Trinians’s quiz master (Stephen Fry) really ask what the area of a sphere is and give the answer as pi r cubed? I can’t think so as it should be volume but then it would be 4/3 pi r cubed... Mr Fry is known to be a very bright man so I'm fairly sure I must have mis-heard but the picture was such a disappointing waste of talent I wondered if Mr Fry just couldn’t be bothered.
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