Lulu. com U.S. tax forms about royalties/withholding

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Lulu. com U.S. tax forms about royalties/withholding

I just received an American tax form from Lulu publishing; something about "withholding". Does anyone have any experience with U.S. publishers? Do I have to pay any money or is it just to inform me that tax has already been deducted from my payment.

These may help you:

Q: Why am I getting a 1099-MISC Form?

A: You were paid more than $10 in books sales in the previous year, and may be required to report that income on your tax return.  Consult your tax professional.

Q: Why am I getting a 1042-S Form when I don't live in the US?

A:  You were paid more than $1 in book sales in the previous year.  The information in the 1042-S is reported to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Consult your tax professional.


As I understand it, if your publication has one of Lulu’s free ISBN numbers then, when you make a sale in the USA, they deduct 30% tax from the value of your sale.

It is possible to claim this money back as the UK has an exemption treaty. However, it gave me a headache reading the guidance.

Not worth the bother unless it is a large amount. It proves to HMRC that you’ve already paid tax on some of your earnings.

To avoid the hassle, buy your own ISBN.



Thanks Luigi and Lille for your answers to my question. You've both been very helpful.