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I have 34 stories published in one collection on the site.
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The Wizard Of Never Was (Part 2)

“Ulrika!” exclaimed The Wizard as the light of realisation suddenly flashed in his piercing blue eyes.

The Wizard Of Never Was (Part1)

Once upon a Time that Never Was, in a gloomy chamber without a door, atop the highest turret in the royal palace, at the heart of the magical kingdom of Karmalot, there lived a Wizard.


2 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

2 Votes

It must have been convincing.

Posted on Sun, 04 Feb 2018

It must have been convincing.

I was distracted by a couple of members of the audience looking at their phones during my performance.

Am I being that boring or self indulgent? I wondered.

Turned out they were Googling me and...

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Posted in 'The Wages of Sin', Unplugged

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Hi there.

Posted on Fri, 20 May 2016

Hi there.

I enjoyed the short, impressionistic strokes of your poem. It felt immersive and claustrophobic.

However, I hope you won't mind a newbie's observation that the third section 'moist' does not appear to flow thematically...

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