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Create new user account...?

Hello all,

I was just wondering...

Corrupted as she has recently become by the reading of my works, my daughter has decided she would like her own ABC Tales account. As she is currently only 9 years of age, I said I would create one on her behalf, but... although I can see where to log in to my account, I can't see where I can create a new one. Are you not accepting any more members? Or am I missing something?


Hello Pepsoid - here's what you need to do to create a new account. You won't be able to use the email address you use for your own one, so hopefully you have another you can use. I hope your daughter enjoys the site - perhaps keep an eye on how it all goes - there is a lot of adult only work on here:


Thanks, Poncey! I appreciate the substantial adult content of ABC - including some of my own work! My intention is therefore to create an account and post on her behalf. As, however, she is getting into writing fiction (some, I am proud to say in a style that could be said to be an homage to my own) and has become aware of ABC, through moi, I want to encourage this.

I shall, in accordance with the instructions on your blog, send appropriate emailage to admin!