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First E-book

So, a couple of months ago I put on my big girl pants and finally attempted self-publishing a novel on Amazon.

The novel is one I originally started writing almost a decade ago, and after a few revisions and rethinks in conjunction with a little time and distance (for perspective) it's out there now, available to read. You can find it right here, at

You can.  That doesn't mean anybody actually has.  It appears that what they say about 'now the real work, the marketing, begins' has some truth to it.  Anyone who's been reading my Riverside Stories collection, will probably have noticed my little "shameless marketing ploys" at the end of the stories.  There's a link from my profile here on ABC tales, and mention on my website, a brief tweet, and some blog entries. 

But where are my millions?

If anybody's been here before and has any tips on effective marketing strategies (within a limited budget, skywriting may not be an option for me) I would love to hear some ideas.

This is my first time on the forums too, so here's hoping I'm not doing this completely wrong...

There's no such thing as shameless marketing. There's only marketing and not marketing. I can only tell you what I know, which is I'm not sure anything works. Writing a book is the easy part, selling a whole different beast. About a million books published every year in the US alone and that number growing. How to stand out in the crowd  when everyone else is shouting and nobody is listening, well, I don't know. But it's not all bad news. I've bought a copy of your book. Only another 999 999 to sell on the road to your first million. When you're advertising your book on sites like this make sure the link leads to the British version and not the US version of Kindle, which is pounds and not dollars. There ends my words of wisdom. And if you find any useful marketing tips - let me know - not that'll listen. I guess there's a story there. Good luck. 


Thanks for the hint, I hadn't actually thought about the regional stuff :)  Hope you like the book.


Thanks for that too :)

Good Luck with the marketing, Rosalie.  I haven't got a Kindle - is there an option to download in another way - I couldn't see one on Amazon but then I am abit thick when it comes to technology.

At the moment its just kindle, because I've published under them exclusively via KDP Select.  But at some stage I will open up to other electronic formats, potentially to other sites.

When you find out the secret, please let me know. And good luck!