Book 2 - The Nick Ventner Adventures

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Book 2 - The Nick Ventner Adventures

Hi All,

It's been 4 years since I posted the first draft of Downpour to this website, but after a mountain of edits and rewrites, it's out! Downpour is the second novel in the Nick Ventner Adventures and sees our beloved drunken monster hunter searching for the Land of the Dead in the South American jungle. I wrote this one in the aftermath of the US 2016 election, so it got a little darker than the first. Appropriate that it's releasing now :)

I want to thank the excellent community here for all the feedback you have provided and continue to provide on my stories. Without ABC Tales, I wouldn't have had the confidence to reach out to a publisher in the first place. 

E-book copies and signed paperbacks from my site (US only shipping sadly for physical):

Amazon for everything else, all the Nick Venter Adventures are also in Kindle Unlimited if you have that!

Thanks again for being the best community,


well done. 


Thanks! Slowly but surely, I'll get all of my work out there.