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This morning I had my second ultra-sound treatment of my lovely kidney stone. Now in terms of pain, the internal surgery I had last year was right up there and my my sciatica seems no more uncomfortable than a strong handshake. It made me think - pain is relative and personal. We don't know in objective terms what other people really encounter. It is also an area which we touch upon in our writing but perhaps not as often as love or distress or sadness - still palpably real to us all. Is that because in writing about it, to a degree, we re-experience it?

By the way, the machine goes up to 10 and apparently they only turn it up to that in the second session because if they did it in the first session no-one would come back. I asked her what would happen if she turned it up to 11 and she said my kidney would literally explode... well that would certainly get rid of the kidney stone.

Thanks Verdana - I am about 98% better already and it was only this morning - just a bit sore.


Youch! Good that you're doing better. I think I probably write about pain more than the average writer, coming from a background of having had severe chronic joint pain for several years. I'm not always quick to show my writing about pain though- probably because I think people want to read about love or anguish instead. Lol. Maybe someday soon.
Oh Stan, you do crack me up, that is exactly what I was thinking of at the back of mind and I was going to say it to the woman who had her finger on the dial that could cause my kidney to actually explode out of my mouth and then I thought ...perhaps I won't. My problem is that when she told me that the vast majority of people can't cope with 10 and ask her to turn it down almost immediately I'm thinking right, now its a competition - I could win this - right - stick it up to 10, leave it on 10 for the last 15 minutes - try me. So she did, for 15 minutes and I just could not tell her to turn it down. I must try to sort that part of my brain out.


Thanks for your comment Raventongue - I am reaching the climax of my novel and there will certainly be more blood but I just donut think there will be that much actual pain...


Hi Laurie, Definitely pray during the operation and think of all the people you love and those in really hectic dire straits. Once you get to a spiritual place, meditate on its beauty and thank your Higher Power for looking after you. It worked amazingly well for me when I had a camera put down my throat into the pit of my tummy. While this may be incredibly minor in comparison to your treatment, I have to say I didn't feel a thing. Some get localled but I chose to have the mouthspray because otherwise I'd have needed someone to take me home, which wasn't an option at the time (boohoo). Anyway, there was a burly geezer there to clamp my head down for obvious reasons and afterwards he asked if I'd meditated and when I told him I was just talking to my Higher Power he did seem quite interested in the concept. Another goody is earphones with some music to accompany your prayers (3 wisdom teeth, 1999). All the best to you, buddy. Richard


Thanks Richard you are a star as ever - problem is - sitting in a trough of water tends to preclude the headphones otherwise I would have been listening to a Podcast throughout rather than the well intentioned but someone vacuous words of the NHS person who was in charge of torturing me!


new lavadis Hi! yes Richard all said is perfectly true! My hubby had it done. But do relax as possible, true1 Richard says mighty one,I know, or think of someone or somethink nice,be positive all will be well,some things Iv'e had to do. Think meditation garden and beautiufl flowers, in waterfall,bring in butterflies maybe,someon or something you love! I will put you on my prayer list at home,so do for some. Get well soon I had gallbladder done, not key hole way. Then a cat has nine lives. Soft music no words nice. You take care get well soon. julie xx
Thanks Julie - good advice - I am back to myself today and don't have to go through that again until Julie!


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