Save! Print! PUBLISH! my story so far

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Save! Print! PUBLISH! my story so far

For the benefit of other authors struggling for recognition – here is the first part of my self-publishing story: a book called FLORENCE OF ARABIA.

Islington's CITRON PRESS was one of the best opportunities for new authors in the 1990s. Sadly, they had a very short shelf life.

I hope you will share your self-publishing adventures.

Thanks very much, David; very helpful. H


Helpful if not hopeful, Harvey. Good luck!

David Gee

I know the feeling, David. My latest venture, a self-published paperback version of a poetry collection is now on Amazon but no sign of activity as yet.


Bravo, Luigi. Poetry is the hardest of all literary output to market. Hope you didn't spend too much getting it into print. I paid Matador a fairly substantial sum to publish THE DROPOUT and am over £2k out of pocket. Details when I post the Second Part of my story. Saluti ed auguri.

David Gee

Hi Luigi. As is mine, but they won't be selling any, judging by the less than remarkable demand for the kindle one. I'm not going to take the risk of stocking them at my expense then pulping said stock also at my expense. Obscurity is cheap.

Parson Thru

Hi, Rev Parson. Yes, I have to pay £20 a month for storage of unsold copies. Or I can pay to have them delivered to my address and use them as loft insulation. Decisions, decisions.

David Gee

David, you should have used a Print On Demand outfit like You are only obliged to purchase a proof copy of your book. You can then buy as many copies as you think you require at a special author's price plus postage and packing, which can be a bit expensive but which reduces for bulk orders, for private sale. So you don't have to tie up a lot of capital. Just a suggestion.


You are right, Luigi. I only paid £40 to publish SHAIKH-DOWN through But a writer friend of mine shifted almost 2,000 copies of her book with Matador. This hasn't happened to me. I'm looking at POD for my next book. Do you know anyone who's had serious success with Lulu? 50 SHADES OF GREY started out as a self-published book, so - you never know!

David Gee

Hi Parson Through, as you can see from my comment to David, I haven't stocked up large quantities. I have bought just a few copies that I know I can sell on my own. The digital edition of the same collection, published by, didn't cost me anything but so far only one has been sold for which I have earned a small royalty,although I have sold a dozen of other kindle books. At this rate we won't get rich but our work will get exposure.