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New here, have a question

I'm new here, just signed up yesterday, and I noticed when I tried to add another piece of writing, I was denied access. Why? Is there a set number of pieces you can have up? Do I have to review a certain number to add more of my own? Hope I'm just doing something wrong because I want to put more stuff up! Thanks! 


usually three posts a day. Be patient with us. 


High Riss. 

celticman is right, no one is allowed to post more than three pieces in any 24 hour period.  It would place an untennable burden on the site editors if people were to up-load at will. 

You don't have to review others' work to be able to post new pieces though I really recommend that you do comment on the work that you read.  Also, there is an upper word-count limit 2k for any single piece of writing.  If you have a piece that exceeds this you will have to post it in more than one section.

I hope this helps. 

Welcome to ABCtales.


Thank you for this forum discussion. It was very helpful to me to read the posts , as I am new too, and needed to understand the limits to posting.


Same here, the explanation of the word limit and number of postings helped. I've split my story into two parts to fit smiley

It seems getting comments or reviews on posts is a little difficult. I see very high views or readership for posts, especially stories; but with little or no comments at all. I think the purpose of forums like this is to read and make comments on writer's posts. Please what is happening????


Comments on a piece of work should be added to the piece of work itself Gody, not in the forums. The best way to get comments is to participate in the community - read other people's work, leave comments on their poems and prose. You will usually find that this is reciprocated