Jack O'Donnell's Lily Poole Needs a Push

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Jack O'Donnell's Lily Poole Needs a Push


After you've heard my plea - above link - go to the link below and make a pledge. Only 19 pledges more are needed. Thanks.

Jack O'Donnell needs only 19 more pledges to get his novel Lily Poole published. If you have a love of books and want to help a wonderful writer, go to:




yep, you've done your bit Rich as have all the lovely people here. I'm going to try and put as many humbles in a sentence as I humbly can without seeming arrongant and need to humbly apologise about being too humble for my own humble good, but I am humbled by your response and I humbly hope that if there is a heaven you are rewarded for your humble efforts on behalf of my humble book, for which I am humbly grateful. cheers  


My pleasure, Jack. Mine was the easy, fun part. Yours was the hard part.  All the best to you. I hope this little bit helps 



Lost it laughing at The Humble Bit



I had some really good fun being a part of it, Jack. I know Joe and the others feel the same way. Cheers to you, Jack. 


All the best wishes in the world with your book Jack. I know you'll achieve greatness because although you don't believe it yourself, you are most definitely a good writer.


you weren't part you were the whole of it. And thanks Jenny. We all struggle to say what we mean, what I meant is...


Well as long as you don't mind being read down here in New Zealand Jack... I'll humbly find a shallow pocket to dig into - I know Jenny & Vera both share a good eye for a winner!  yes

Go.... Go.......GO You Beauty!!!  wink

Hey Jack

I just logged out and saw that You've DONE IT!!!  Congratulations mate... I will still put my pledge through this evening (our time)... I'm sure you can use it for a couple of beers or three & and cheers! Well Done!  yes

I don't mine being read anywhere art. I love being read. It's a connection all writers crave. 


Have you done it then celtic?  Wonderful!!  I was just about to  make a pledge, but now I can go on the razzle!  Well done!



thanks Moya, you've pledged enough. thanks for your kindness. done but not dusted, glitter but not gold, book, take a look!