FREE to enter Writing Competition for Under-represented Writers

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FREE to enter Writing Competition for Under-represented Writers

The UK’s only national competition for all under-represented writers opened on 3rd April 2018 and features over £7,500 in cash and writer development prizes.

Winners receive a share of £7,500 worth of prizes, both cash, and development prizes from leading literature organisations including The Literary Consultancy, Penguin Random House Writers’ Academy, The Poetry School and Penned in the Margins. Winners will also appear in an anthology alongside work by poet Lemn Sissay and multi award-winning guest author, Kerry Hudson. All winners will be invited to a high-profile showcase event as part of the London Literature Festival in October.

The awards are open to all writers whose stories are under-represented in mainstream publishing including those with mental health issues, physical/learning disabilities, neurodiversity, BMER, LGBTQ+ or over 65, as well as those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation, carers, care-leavers, offenders/ex-offenders or survivors of abuse.

The theme of the awards this year is ‘Chemistry’. Poetry (up to 200 words) and short fiction (up to 1,000 words) should be submitted before the deadline of noon on Monday 18th June 2018.

Writers can submit via the website ( post, or in person. Application forms can be downloaded via the website, by calling 01273 234 780 or via our office at Creative Future, Community Base, 113 Queens Rd, Brighton, BN1 3XG. There is no entry fee. Full rules can be found on the entry form.


Laura, thank you so much for posting this link. I hope it inspires many of our writers to enter


I hope so, too. ABCtales is fantastic and there are so many great writers here - and I'm sure many will fit the CFLA criteria. Is Tony still involved? I've read at some of your events in London and collaborated with Tony years back (2004/2005... yikes, I'm getting old!) Also, I remember your handle well - still makes me smile :) 



Meant to say that I'd love to get  shout out about the competition in your newsletter, though I've not had one for a while. Are you still sending them or have I dropped off the mailing list?


We'll be sending one out soon - we don't send many because we think people probably have enough in their inboxes!

Tony's still just about involved, but we're in the process of  taking it all over and running it as a foundation charity, then he'll finally be able to spend more time with his golf clubs. We are already doing the day to day stuff though - and we still have readings! Glad you remember them so fondly, and hope you'll mae it to another one soon.

If the newsletter (which will be to announce the completion of the takeover) is still within the time limits of the competition, then of course we'll give it a mention, otherwise we'll get it onto the front page one way or another

Thank you for saying such nice things about us!smiley



Oh, wow, exciting and busy times. It's easy saying nice things about ABC because the project is a fabulous one. It gave me the confidence and boost I needed in terms of my writing career at crucial points and I've met some fabulous people as a result. It's good to see so many making headway in publishing - Ewan, Maggie to name just two. Hope all is good with you - and a front page mention would be amazing, if at all possible. Warmest, Laura :)


You'll note fabulous is my word of the day wink


Thanks Laura, free comps are rare and I fit at least one of their eligibility boxes.

That's fantsatic, Elsie - please do share around your networks,too. And very best of luck, too!