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I have 9 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 12686 times and 9 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Laura Wilkinson

My stories

Gold cherry

Slippery Souls

There’s a stone trapped in Penny’s shoe. She takes it off; bashes it against the dressing room wall, probes inside with her fingers, but the stone...


Gold cherry

A Little Death

The bus rumbles along. Sitting above the engine, Debbie enjoys the sensation rippling through her; the blossom lined road stretches before her.
Story of the week

Buried -sample.

A story of love, class and remembrance.
Gold cherry

The Whispering Wall - SAMPLE

The first time Lucile heard the crying it was the dead of a summer’s afternoon. That quiet time when people sleep in foreign lands.