A zoom reading in the USA

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A zoom reading in the USA

It looks as if ABC started a trend that others are following. I received the following from

The Society of Classical Poets
You are invited to a reading of exquisite poetry and conversations with
the poets. This reading is part of a quarterly series of online
poetry readings planned for 2021-2022.

The zoom reading took place on Sunday the 23rd AT 7.00 P.M. UK time. I looked in but only as a spectator as I was curious to see how they did it. It lasted an hour and four poets read a poem each.
Every poem was discussed and analysed by the chairman and the author. This limited the number of readers given the time constraint.

The website is American, but one poet and the 'chair' said they had English nationality.

Although it's never quite the same as seeing everyone in person, the Zooms do mean more people from all sorts of places can participate. I think a lot of places will do a combination of the two in future.