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good news bad news moment

The good news is that I just recently restarted Karate two weeks ago, and the bad news is that I hurt my foot really badly.

my good news is that i managed to open the bathroom cupboard .... the bad news is that there were some unimaginably ghastly dustballs inside it ...
oh i have some other good news ... i knitted a bag ... the bad news it is ... it's horrible ...
Good news is that I own three airports. Bad news is that I'm scared of jam.
good news for me here is that kit made some bread ... bad news is ... it's inedible ...
good news is i'm a square peg. bad news is that her hole is hexagonal.
good news ... there is posh forrin market here today ... bad news i cant afford the olives ...
good news ... i don't have any mice ... bad news ... i dont have any cheese either ...
good news is I bought some new knickers, bad news is I still have a fat arse.
good news ... i like gin ... bad news ... i am quite a distance from pesky's cabinet ...
bad news is I'm hungry, good news is there's half a quiche in the fridge


good news is that polly put the kettle on. Bad news is i'm caffeine sensitive (and i'm sure i'm lactose intolerant, but my doctor, well, i ask you, can't get tested on the NHS, resource isssues, it's a disgrace, i blame Peter fucking Purves, the big tall Crufts presenting twat)
good news ... i am going out tonight ... bad news ... it's in birmingham ...
good news is the cats remembered to use litter tray instead of floor...bad news is she just had a really smelly poo.
good news ... i like birmingham ... bad news ... i have to drive there and back ... so no drinking ... can i blame peter purves for that?
Good news is that i live by the sea. Bad news is that i'm brine intolerant (etc, John fuckin' Noakes, etc, blah, I'd have given that Lesley Judd one)
ha ha!

Tyler King

Good news is i have a lovely arse apparently. Bad news is it's on top my shoulders...apparently!!!
good news ... i live quite near to flash ... bad news ... for flash ...
good news is hubbies gone fishing...bad news is he's coming back later.
good news is that I have just got a massive collection of folk music bad news is that I have just got a massive collection of folk music


good news ... my son got his provisional licence through today ... bad news is he now wants me to insure the car for him ...
Good news is that Jaspieee appears to have gone...bad news is that Ritatwerpshite re-appeared again last week. Has Mykle left?
Good news is it'll be my birthday next summer. Bad news is, Old man Harris'll leave that cake out beneath precipitation, an unfortunate predilection, I'm sure you'll concur.
good news...i gurned earlier, bad news...the wind changed.
Good news is i have chronic wind...bad news is, no one in the house to share it with...pfffffff!
Good news, I drove my cattle to market. Bad news, I was sectioned for waving a stick at children.
good news: a real proper film director like our movie, bad news: his films are shite


good news...Pesky in Pilgrim on Monday...bad news...for bailiffs.
Good news is i live very near to a 1st class poet...bad news is she lives very near to a 1st class nobber!!
Good news, Pesky's being operated on. Bad news, she has a restraining order that stops me from wearing scrubs and carrying an angle grinder. The law's a glass, I tell you!
Now That's What I Call A Thread 47
Good news is Pesky has a brilliant chippy in her village...bad news is i love fish n chips but live in town that doesn't have a brilliant chippy.
oooooo why has a bold font appeared as standard?
twas me flash-gone now i got the power
Good news is I bought an exotic fruit from Tesco called a Pomelo...bad news is it tastes exactly like a dried up old grapefruit.
want it back?
Good news is i still have the title of Grandflashmeistertypoking...bad news is i'm still the Grandflashmeistertypoking...bah!! I'd rather have fish n chips Tim, can you manage that oh great powerful one?
flash, eat a pebble from your garden and fish and chips transubstantiation will take place.
Good news is that I'm at Mum's and she's OK. Bad news is Brighton Rock knows where I live (but my cats bite - big time.
Good news is, i know where Tony lives. Bad news is, he also has a restraining order against me wearing scrubs and carrying an angle grinder (although having checked my injuction file, i see it expires in 9 days)
good news Afterlife is on tonight...bad news got no ice for my vodka.
Good news is 'Flog it,' is on telly in Northampton!! Bad news apart from my mother i have no antiques in the house to sell.
good news, Tony's not at home in front of pc , bad news - this means he cant give out cherries - oh wait, thats good news. drum rollllllllll cymbal crashhhhh i thank you
Good news found ice at bottom of freezer...bad news tripped over extremely untidy youngest son's fishing bag, dropped my glass, hit head on garage cupboard and swore loudly shattering neighbours misguided illusion that I am a lovely woman!
.....Oh and just to add insult to injury the bloody freezer lid fell on my already injured noggin.
Some of these events are made up!!!!!!!!! The pebble didn't transform into a fish n chip supper.........yet!
Paitence dear flashter. You think that you're the only miracle i'm doing on a saturday night? I'm working on Valerie Singleton's kidney as I speak.
Good news - I nearly wrote a poem this week. Good news, it was only nearly. Bad news, I vowed to sit on my hands and ignore idiotic posts. Good news, I failed - see elsewhere.


Good news, jasper is history. Bad news, his mates keep his name alive here.


Good news is I'm meeting with congregation prioress tomorrow. Bad news is I'll have to wear a skirt. Good news is I'm going to be working for the Church as from the end of November. The bad news is I'm moving to be closer and I can only afford to rent in Finchley Road. Good news is I'm alive. Bad news is unless I stop smoking I could well wind up with another ruptured brain aneurysm.



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