So no ones posted for 2 days?

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So no ones posted for 2 days?

OK, I've finally had enough. I can't get from one page to the next without having to sign in again; the forums apparently haven't had a fresh post for at least 2 days, and no, it's not the 'half the page is missing' syndrome, the index says there hasn't been any new posts as well. It's become impossible for me to take part in any meaningful discussion as i can't them properly.

SO, I'm outta here for at least the next month (which I will be spending with friends in the country you all love to hate). If the site isn't working any better by my return at the end of January, I shall give up completely, as other things that DO work will take precedence over the frustrating experiences I've suffered here in (almost) complete silence for the last 2 months.

I'm not even sure if this post will actually happen!

I'm not having the above problems with this website. I was wondering Mississippi, could this be a problem with your proxy web server? If you are using an authenticating proxy web server to get to this site (such as if you are at work) you might be getting kicked back by your proxy, which would explain some of your symptoms. This is just a guess. As for nobody posting--I'm not sure why this is. I also am surprised that people aren't posting more. Obviously there are a lot of users. (Maybe everyone is just shy :-) However, what I've seen so far in these forums looks polite an pithy, and I'm going to continue to following the discussions closely.
works ok for me.


Maybe something to do with the time of year...?? (PS. I have similar problems when at work... so perhaps Mr Charles is right) :-) * P * :-)
There looks to be a problem - I've just posted something but it doesn't appear in "recently added" and the most recent readable item doesn't contain the option to allow editors to mark it as read or cherry-pick. Hope someone's around to pick it up this week
If you're looking at "recently added" and the first story doesn't look very recent, go to the bottom, click on another page and then back to the first page. That sorted it out for me, at least.
This is a new glitch, Neil - and we'll be looking at it now. As for Missi's problems - no one else seems to suffer from them so I suspect that it is his computer - unless others care to tell me differently!
I have to agree that Missi has got a point. I also experience those shortcomings. If I switch forums, or change pages, it tells me I have to log in. As far as the 'Talk' section is concerned, I posted a reply on the 5th of January but it shows that it is 2 hours old. I am not all that bothered as they are minor itches and I am able to perform other functions.


There ya go Tony...


Maybe it's that time of the month?Apologies Miss Pippi, where ya bin? I have had these kind of problems and have found them infuriating, but that's normally 'cos I'm rattlin' from booze: but having met Tony and having things explained how it's all done for free etc. I have to take my hats off to you guys. Oh buy the way Tone, I now have 3 computers, I'm like the fucking Rick Wakeman of the cyberwebnet thingy. Sorry to go all technical on you. I've got 3 screens 3 keyboards and 3 mice (mouses?) (Oh a mate of mine fixed my laptop) but unlike Rick Wakeman I don't really know how to use any of them properly. Oh! Does anyone know why Firefox doesn't like XP? I've downloaded it onto 2 of the computers, the icon is on both screens, it's in the control panel but refuses to run. The computer that has Windows 2000 there was no problem. And I don't have the techy nous to bugger about in cybernet to ask people what the fuck is going on. Hey ho, Happy New Year everyone. Soon be Easter!


Don't think it has anything to do with the time of the month, and I have several PC's at home and had the same problem on the three I used for abctales. I've been here in Franklin, Tennesee since Boxing Day and won't be back home until the 28th of this month. I look in now and then but most of the interesting people have departed so I feel less inclined to join in.


Maybe the interesting people in terms of the discussion forum have found pastures new, but there's no shortage of interesting new writers and the "Discuss Writing From ABCTales" forum is being used more than ever which is probably how it should be on a writing site. Hope to hear from you later, George, maybe you could submit a travelogue?
I hear what you say, Neil, but without interesting and intelligent conversation the forums descend into boring trivia, (I'm sureyou don't need me to draw you pictures, you've read as much of it as I have). Without the forums what you have is merely a database of writing, (much of it very good I admit) and it becomes a somewhat sterile environment. I COULD post a diary of events covering my recent travels but I doubt many would be really interested, and many would be bored senseless. Perhaps i should have a blog page somewhere. In the last few days i've been busy anyway doing voluntary work at the Country Music Hall of Fame here in Nashville.


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