Just Wondering Why?

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Just Wondering Why?

Just wondering what the criteria are for commenting on here.
It seems very hard, almost impossible to receive feedback (and my that I mean feedback from all angles, not just the good bits about a piece).

I see my work, and other members with well over 20 reads but no replies, this seems a little strange to me, usually with so many reads, one manages to gather a few feedback replies.
Also, notice that often I comment and the writer does not seem to come back to the piece, it begins to make one a little paranoid as to whether it is them (ie me) that is out of step with the board.

I would like to be a more active member but this seems a little one-sided if there is nothing coming back.

Sorry to ask the same question again but if I know why then I can make an informed decision as what to do next.


Pops ~xx~


The phrase 'feedback and advice from a community of experienced writers and editors' may put some people off giving feedback if they think they are inexperienced, which IMO is a pity. When I like a poem or story I sometimes give a positive comment or do not comment but press the like button and sometimes I simply enjoy the writing and do not give feedback. I  hardly ever give 'constructive criticism', either here or to writers I know face to face and I am not an editor. Almost all the writers I know, including you and I, I would describe as 'experienced amateurs' and I think we build up our skills by writing and identifying our strengths as we go along.

You don't seem 'out of step' at all.

Hope you continue writing.

All the best, Elsie

The first think that I notice when I open my page is this:
Read one of the 124,808 stories from our 19,467 authors.
This tells me that there is an awful lot of reading to do and many authors who add stories continuously.
It does not leave much time to comment as well as trying to contribute.
What I normally do is to look at new entries to see if any catch my attention. The ‘cherried’ pieces are an indication that they have been selected by the editors and are likely to be good.
I also follow authors whose work I have enjoyed previously and that unfortunately restricts the time I devote to others.
What you can do is try to use catchy titles and add images that may reflect your narrative or the concept you want to convey.
Also comment on other people's work and you may find that they will reciprocate.


Thank you, Elsie and Luigi, for your kind and considerate replies.
I do try and leave feedback, I also visit the facebook page and leave a like when I notice the ABC piece come up. I suppose I query the number of visits as to the number of replies, if my work received no visits then there would be no questions to ask.
I understand accept that some of those visits some members will not read it all, I am like that myself if I am not hooked within two lines I go away.

Images are a sticky one for me as I was always told that your words should tell the story, and images often distract from that, the reader more pulled in by the image (which is not what I want, not sure any writer does)!

I also understand that leaving comments can be fraught with danger, depending on how the writer takes them.

Anyway, thank you once again, I guess there is NO real answer as frustrating as that might be.


Pops xx

Writing is art in pictures – Go paint poetry!

some people browse. some people dont feel the need to comment. some people don't feel confident enough to comment. I guess like most people I fall into most categories. If it's poetry I'm in the third category, and paradoxically, I don't read enough poetry to comment  on poetry. Certainly not enough to criitique it in any serious way. 


It's a tricky one.  It is frustrating to know that people are reading without commenting, but on the other hand good to know that you are reaching an audience.  I think the amount of time people can spend on the site varies, and Celtic is right about people sometimes not feeling confident enough to comment.  You're right, Poppy, that people can be sensitive about their work - we all are, really, because we put so much of ourselves into it.  Luigi has a good point about an eyecatching image - like a book cover, it draws people in, but the words are still the thing.  The image won't detract from them.  As you say, there is no one answer.  I do find that reading and trying to put into words what I think about something is also helpful with my own stuff.  It is time consuming though, and if you give lots of attention to a couple of pieces, you miss lots more.  You're certainly not out of step, though.  I hope you'll stick with us!

Personally, I don't see how people reading poems on ABC tales can really understand them properly. Poems by professional poets usually require in depth analysis and several re-readings to unravel all their layers of complexity. People write 2000 word essays about poems 20 lines long. Poems require time to fully appreciate them and reading on the internet doesn't give you that kind of time, I feel.

And because I lack that time, usually all I can do is give my gut reaction to a piece. Do I like the sound, look and feel of it or not?

I hate giving negative criticism as much as I hate getting it. If something doesn't appeal to me I usually just don't comment at all.