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contact option help


If I click on a writer's name, their page has a bit where you can click "Contact", at the top? I cannot work out how to get this to appear? In Edit I have ticked the contact bit, and unticked it, and it makes no difference. If you know what I am doing/not doing, please could you advise me -  I am guessing, through long experience, that there is something obvious and sensible I am not doing :0)

I don't know what you mean about 'in Edit'. I just click the 'contact' button on the person's page and box appears to type a message and below there is a box to tick if you want to receive a copy yourself as well??? Rhiannon


Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply Rhiannon :0)

the thing is - how does a person get the contact bit, on their page, for you to click on?

You have one, if I click your name? Mine says View, Edit, Track, File Browser if I'm logged in, and  View, Track if I  look when logged out?


It's not on your page because you don't want to contact yourself. It's not on my page for me, either. But there's a contact button on your page for me to contact you (I've done so, long ago!), and on everyone else's I think.

ie each person doesn't see one on their own page , only on the pages of others. So others can see one on your page, but you can't!

Any clearer? Othewise wait for someone else to reply!




Am feeling like Winnie the Poo now, going round the spinney! Thank you for explaining :0)


Just to add - Di, if you're having a problem using the contact button, email me ( and I will try to connect you with the person of your choice!



I tried without success to contact other members and realized that the contact link does not work. I was informed that it would be difficult for the techies to rectify the fault and as insert said the only way to communicate is through her with the email provided.


Dear Insert and Luigi, thank you very much for reading this question and replying. Am glad is not just me :0)


I was contacted in December by someone via my contact form. Previously I have tired someone amd not had a reply and assumed the email from ABC may have gone into their spam folder.

If the 'contact' button has totally ceased to work, shold it not be removed?



So sorry to everyone who finds these glitches - we are hoping to afford a new website, and as you know, run on kindness, fresh air and donations, so if anyone wants to chip in we would be very grateful! 


I promise, if I ever get rich ABC will be first on the list :0) I am so sorry, did not mean to be a criticism! My son and partner are boggled by my ineptitude on my computer, also by the problems between us Tina and I have inflicted on it. ABC is the most user friendly site I've ever been on, both from the people side and the technology side so THANKYOU SO MUCH, would be lost without you!!!


Honestly, it didn't sound like a criticism to me at all - I was just trying to explain - thank you for the lovely thank you - and we would be lost without all your wonderful supportive comments and writing! 


That is very kind of you! The comments bit is a great improvement? I think when the site started there were 5 stars you could click to rate work, like on Amazon, but might be wrong. If you wanted to comment on work you had to use the forum? The forums used to be thriving, and exciting and fun to read, really how it must have been in ancient times when you could go listen to brilliant people play with ideas :0) But scary too, because there could be painful put-downs. The way the site is now, makes it so easy and safe to discuss particular pieces of writing, like chatting through an open window.  As well as being immensely useful and encouraging for  me, if someone is kind and comments on my stuff, being able to read comments about other people's wide range of writing has helped me know what to look for when reading, why something works? And very useful for doing English Lit homework with my son :0)


So pleased you like the comments - I didn't really know the site when the forums were a thing, but yes, there are other places, like Twitter, to go now if you want fight club (thank goodness)