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The Winners


I hereby officially declare the Gold Medal Winner of the 2012 Poetry Pentathlon to be:

Ben Clark (Bear )

only 1 Gold nomination behind, the Silver Medal Winner is:

Russell Turner (sonora)

and only 2 Silver nominations behind, the Bronze Medal Winner is:

Stephen Jeffery (ItsSteveDave)

Congratulations to all three and thank you to all contestants for rising to the challenge.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who took part it was really enjoyable. :)
Huge congratulations to the Winners and thanks for a pleasant ride. It was most enjoyable. ;;)) Thanks to Wilkybarkid for everything and whoever else was involved in making this Pentathlon. ;)Pia
Well done to one and all regardless of medals!


Congrats to the winners and to everyone who took part - some great poems and the hardest thing every week was to pick a top three. Thanks again to the organisers - great job.
That was intense. Well done everybody. When's the next one? :o)

'Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.'

Top marks to the winners and congratulations on the high scoring of many of the runners up. An enjoyable contest with loads of good entries and the organisation was superb. Thank you.


Congratulations to the winners & all who took part...and thanks to the Wilkykid for making it happen! A hugely enjoyable comp!


Well done, Bear, Sonora and ItsSteveDave. Some fantastic poetry all the way through the compo. Well done also to Wilkybarkid for organising the whole thing. This should be an annual competition!


It's been great fun, I've had at least one Saturday night panic staring at a blank screen with the deadline looming, and I've faced an almost impossible choice between 25 great poems every week. I've learned a lot. Thanks Wilky for organising it, and I agree that it should be annual!
Really enjoyed the competition. Congratulations to the winners.
Congratulations to the winners and a big Well Done to all who took part. Thanks to the organizers for a most challenging and rewarding competition. Max


Well done! You must be chuffed! :)


Well done to the medalists. A smash-hit of a competition and huge thanks to the Wilky Bar Kid. What a stroke of olympic inspiration. What about a decathlon every year?


What about a version so that writers of prose don't feel left out? A Flash Fiction 'athon?
Oh yes, I'd be up for a flash fiction 'athon.
Me too, sounds a great idea.


Congratulations Ben, Russell and Stephen. Will we be seeing some of the winning entries?


Congratulations to those on the podium. Great contest.

Kim Rooney

Congratulations to the three medallists. It was a great contest, taught me a lot. The hardest thing was the judging, so much good work to read. Linda


Hey Bear; congratulations.


Bear, Very many congratulations I didn't realise you had won this competition though I am not surprised because I find your work hugely imaginative. I am so pleased for you. Moya
Congratulations must also go to Sonora and ItsSteveDave very well done. And to the rest I send my best wishes to you all. I have seen a number of names on that list whose work I have read and from that I hazard a guess that the standard was very high. Well done one and all and well done to WilkyBarKid Moya
I said it once before, Ben - you can't beat a bear! Linda


Can someone own up to the poem from the last round - 'Maintaining Excellence in Credit User Services (MECUS House Longterm Facility)' I thought it was excellent and hopefully that person will post it to the site!
Well done winners. I'd be up for a flash fiction version too. I felt a bit left out this time, not being a poet.


Well done, bear;-) Tina


Dear ItsSteveDave, Further to your recent request, you have been processed by the Decision Maker and you have been found eligible for fulfillment of your request. Please now refer to the appropriate Competition Entries page onsite. Yours Imperiously, M.E.C.U.S Customer Correspondence Team


Congratulations to the Top three and everyone else. It was very hard to judge this competition as the standard was so high. Looking forward to the anthology.
A belated and hearty congratulations to the three winners and especial thanks to Wilkybarkid for a challenging and enjoyable competition.

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