POD and POW pictures- suggestions or just to browse

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POD and POW pictures- suggestions or just to browse


colourful bird

happy elephant




Happy New Year 2013

I'm sorry this didn't work. I'll try again.
OH It did- how fantasmagorical-!!!- I'm so pleased- now I have created two forum posts. I do apologize!
Good pictures Pia. I like the happy elephant and the colourful bird best. Footsie I was thinking maybe a target (like a dart board or better still an archery target) with an arrow in the centre/bullseye for poem/story of the week etc. it might work? Sorry but I don't know how to attach an example picture. Pia, perhaps you could help me?


just looking at those treetops made me dizzy. What a great picture, but can't be used on medical grounds. The others are fantastic, but too colourful for my palette. Everything in my world is black and white.


Loving the pictures. First I thought the elephant then I thought pear then finally I thought the book was best...No, treetops! Moya And aren't you the clever one?
Pia, how on earth did you get a picture of my second wife. Oh sorry, its a happy elephant.


Scratch- you'd have to either start a new forum topic or use your story writing page- it says upload file and you just upload whatever picture you have on your computer- if it is saved in your pictures i.e. Or you could upload under your Personal files on your profile page and then attach image in the Forum post - You can't upload to these comment boxes. I haven't figured out how you do it and I'm sure you can't. But don't take my word for it- Footsie can but he does have magical powers. I think a dart board with an arrow in sounds like a marvellous idea. All these pictures I have uploaded here are useless because you have to downsize them and then you wouldn't get the details. Too bad! But they are pretty!
Hi Moya I like the book the best too. ;)Pia
Isn't the elephant priceless Jolono?
these are wonderful, Pia....thanks so much for sharing :) - alvin
Beautiful pictures you've captured here Pia. Jenny.