Shit my History Teacher DID NOT tell me!

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Shit my History Teacher DID NOT tell me!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my latest book;

Or if you live in the States;




Done! It's on the Kindle mate.


Well done (again) Karl.  All the best.


Thanks guys


Congratulations, you are prolific.  Well done to you.


Thanks Denzella


Congratulations and I wish you well with your writing career in future years. yes

Must feel good :-)

Marionella, thank you. I've just read some of your work and it's excellent.


Please keep writing


All the best to you karl, and congratulations. I read your interesting sample. Doing a Kindle book is easier after the first one, eh? And still a challenge too, in order to get it just right. Why not visit these links below  --- a couple of the books, Esther and I have on

I think karl would agree, more of our ABC friends should try to get a book or more on Kindle, too. Best wishes folks. And don't forget to buy karl's book.

- Feathers or Fur:
- Son of Fred:
- When Autumn Comes:

Richard L. Provencher

Richard, thank you, and absolutely.

There are some phenomenal writers on ABCtales who really should be self-publishing in Indie format.

'Shit ....' was my 3rd book and I'm getting ready to publish a 6th before Christmas. The whole experience of self-publishing and working with a number of 'Author Helping Author' groups has helped me define who I am as a writer. I now use the word Humourist as opposed to Comedy Writer, and I've made connections with other authors who write in a similar vein to my own, and the humourous rants genre is now becoming respected on its own merit.

Publishing is easy and costs nothing. The only thing you pay for is the cover, and if you know where to go that hardly costs anything. Richard's correct in that the first book is the hardest. Actually setting up the payment details is possibly the toughest. However all in all, if you're ready to go, it takesa couple of hours tops. I can publish a new book in 15 minutes and it'll be live on Amazon in 4 hours.

But then the hard work starts. Promoting your book. I spend at least an hour a night promoting my books.

In fact, I tell you what, I'm going to start a new thread on this ...  




How much dosh do you make?


Shed loads!

I don't know what to spend it on next!


wink  Lol.  Yeah, right!


Good on you Karl, give the neigh-sayers a run for their money, self-publish and be damned and worry about readers later. Reading between the lines  if you could just put in another couple of hours on the social media sites you could considerably increase cyber traffic (courtesy of Mrs Wiggins). Shit History is already out and you promise us another one before Christmas. Well, I for one, will damp down my Kindle, put on my dust jacket and waste no time in reading your latest.