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I am taking it my work must be bombing as I seem to receive no comments at all, lots of members seem to pop in but leave no feedback.
I find this sad as how am I meant to know if my work is absolute tosh and I should pack my bags and retreat far, far away.sad

Just saying as I feel completely on the sideline with no way of understanding why.

Pops xx

Don't pack your bags just yet Poppy! We always tell people the very best way to get feedback is to comment on others' work - that way you'll often find a two-way dialogue happens. I can see you've just received some very complimentary feedback from Ed Crane already, so hopefully you'll get more soon!


Point taken - thank you smiley

Pops ~xx~

Writing is art in pictures – Go paint poetry!

Join the club.


I mainly comment on prose writing. I don't really feel qualified to comment on poetry. sorry.