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poem/story of the week


I was wondering, could you make Well_Wisher story and poem of the week?

I would nominate his first Mr Meep story, and perhaps Palm Oil Or Urangutangs poem?





But there are so many brilliant things, other people will have favourites too

Di we (some of the editors)  were talking about this last night. We can't really make him pick of the week as that's reserved for things posted during the previous week only, but he might well feature on our picks of the day.

What would be nicest though is if you could post your favourites on the thread for John's family - the announcement one. Other people have already mentioned their own personal faves, and his body of work is so great I think it would be really nice for his family to be able to click on the links there - also for others who might read it in the future.

Bithika said it was a comfort to them to read all our comments so it's nice to have everything in one place for them to come back to. I've told her that we would love to keep his work up. It must all be such a shock - he looks so young in the photos!


Thanks, Insert, I'll do that. I've not read even half of what he wrote so I'm glad it will always be here. Maybe a link could be put on his page to the photos of him and your announcement on the front page ?


That;s a good idea Di. I'm waiting to hear back from Bithika about keeping his work up, so will do it when she replies - I told her there was no rush. I'm sure they have a million other things going on right now