Calling All You Literary Types

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Calling All You Literary Types

Who wrote this? 'Licentiousness is essential for discovering the efficacy of prundence.' I always thought it was Milton, but I've been on his site and I come up with a blank. I have also just googled it and nothing comes up. Can anyone help?

Had a look in Oxford Dictionary of Quotations - nothing there either. St Thomas Aquinas did a Treatise on Prudence, but I can't see him being in favour of licentiousness! 

Read something near that idea in " The Secret. Diaries of Charlotte Bronte," - hope this helps.

Arguments of the kind you mention can be found in 

The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Adam Smith

Chap. IV: Of licentious Systems

All those systems, which I have hitherto given an account of, suppose that there is a real and essential distinction between vice and virtue, whatever these qualities may consist in.

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