A bargain, and for charity, too.

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A bargain, and for charity, too.

Greetings everyone. Long time no see, speak, read, write, etc. And what brings me back on this fine day you may well ask. Well, like a travelling snake oil salesman, I'm riding into town with an offer that'll change your lives.

Obviously, that's a slight exaggeration. Maybe even bigger than slight. Probably bigger than slight. Still, what have you got to lose? Apart from a couple of quid.

As some of you may know Celticman and I spent a considerable amount of time last year putting together an anthology of stories and poems about Celtic Football Club. 


Get back to your seat!

Hear me out.

There are many stories and poems that are well worth a read whether you like football or not, and all author proceeds are being donated to the Celtic FC Foundation. 

You can find out a bit more about the great work they do here - 


The Celtic Anthology is now available on Kindle for a measly £1.99.


I'm hoping you good people (and great writers) can find it in your heart to buy a wee copy, read a few of the pieces and maybe even leave a positive review.

And as a final, some may say desperate, gesture of goodwill or marketing strategy, I'll offer to critique, or persuade Celticman to critique, a short story of anyone who leaves a positive review.

In the meantime I'll bid you all a good day and head off to catch up on some of the writing here on abctales. I may not post anything these days but I still pop over to see how it's done by the many great writers here.

Thank you for listening.

Old Pesky

I think you were meant to ask me first, but sounds fair enough and my critique is worth two hardback Jeffery Archer books in Oddbins.  


I'm in, Kevin. I don't know much about football. I just like the shirts. I don't know much about prisons, either, but I loved The Shawshank Redemption. So I'll give it a go. And I'm a sucker for a good sales pitch.  

All the best,



Love a snake oil salesman and the ladies that sell lavender sprigs for fifty quid a go. I've bought and read this, I really don't like football but I stalk celtic's work and loved this book.  You've both done a real good job on it. Will leave a review on Amazon, is that the right place?


Vera, this new abc proifile picture of yours is creeping the hell out of me. Job well done. lol.

Rich x


I'm short-sighted. I thought that was a glamour-puss, James Bond type shot of Vera.


Yes, sorry about that, Celticman. I'm hunting through some odd bins at the moment...in Drumry. 

Thank you, Rich. I don't know much about anything. I'll keep winging it until I'm finally caught. 

Yes Vera. Leaving a small or ten page review on amazon would be most appreciated. Now, can you point me to that £50 sprig of heather? Sounds like a bargain.

All this talk of profile pics has inspired me to update mine. I'm modelling a traditional Tunisian kachabia. Yes, I did get a few strange looks from the locals, but that's par for the course wherever I go or whatever I wear.

Thanks to everyone who bought the book.

My fear of scary dolls goes back to my youth when I saw that episode with the Twilight Zone with the alcoholic vetriliquist and the dummy who seemed to talk on his own. Haven't been the same since, celtic.

And, Kevin, you look bitchin'.



Don't you like my new dress and blonde rinse? Puppets petrify me in all the best ways.Adore your new photo pesky.


No to the critique, simply because I don't want a critique from anyone, and yes to buying the anthology. Although I only get excited about footie once every four years and my local team is The Grecians, your list of authors is impressive. Also raising money for charity in this way is impressive.            Elsie