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Philosopical Question

 'If a football striker is having a perfect game, but his opposing goalkeeper is also having a perfect game; are any goals scored?'


Yes, if scored by a full-back. wink


Not if the goalkeeper's having a perfect game.


The goal was scored against the other goalkeeper who wasn't having a perfect game. It was, unfortunately an own the full back.


You've been watching Spurs again.


How did you guess? smiley


One needs to know what the enemy's up to.


Your question reminds me of the old Greek and Roman philosophers as the profound: What happens when an irresistable force meets an immovale object ?


A marxist would just rig the game. A fascist would shoot the goalkeeper. An existentialist would bomb the stadium because why would there be any spectators in a 0-0 game. A nihilist would shoot himself or herself in the foot. A democratic socialist would attack the opposing country while the game was going on. A drunk American would save the Jews.