Close reader badge/button?

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Close reader badge/button?

Nolan has just asked me what the 'Close reader' badge/button is or comes from/for. I don't know. Who does? Rhiannon

I am not completely sure, but I think it might have something to do with the number of comments a person leaves.


I don't know what is is either, but I want one anyway. 


Thank you, both, for replying! But it is interesting isn't it, maybe it hails from another era, different editors! Oh, and I did look and you do have one, Celt, and so does Insert - on your page! Rhiannon


thanks, I didn't look but if I have one, I want two or more. I want it bigger, better, brasher. 


An accolade! Thanks for letting me know Rhiannon smiley


I have just got one. Hurrah! smiley


So have you worked out what caused the sudden appearance? Rhiannon


Yes, when the number of great feedbacks is 100 or more.


Congratulations Luigi!


Thanks. yes