Has anyone else had this **** flu?

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Has anyone else had this **** flu?

I got a cold/flu thing three ruddy weeks ago. I had a couple of days feeling lousy and then got up. Since then I go through a couple of days feeling roughly OK, try and do something - like going to London to do some work - and end up feeling just as bad as I did at the beginning. Temperatures, headaches, sore throats - the lot. Is it worth going to the doctor? I doubt it. Is it just a matter of time? Suggestions? At the moment Beachy Head looks attractive.

Now there's a thing.
Despite my longing for a day off work sitting on the sofa eating minstrels and drinking tea I havent managed to contract so much as a mild cold.


Who's going to be the first to mention that hateful idiom... ... ... ... manflu ... ... ... :-? ... ... ... ~PEPS~ Latest on The Art of Tea ( http://pepsoid.wordpress.com/ )... "The Art of Flânerie"
It doesn't really apply when you work for yourself!
Workforyourselfflu? No, I suppose that doesn't have the same ring to it... ;-) ~PEPS~ Latest on The Art of Tea ( http://pepsoid.wordpress.com/ )... "The Art of Flânerie"
If I worked for myself I wouldn't believe I had the flu till I saw a doctor's note, I know what I'm like.


Some viruses just last longer than others, Tone. I had a chest infection last winter that started in January and didn't *really* clear up until May! I nearly got fired, my job performance was so bad (and I was off sick so often), and you know it has to be bad to nearly get fired from a council... The usual palliative things: rest, lots of fluids, ease up on the fags/drinks/junk food, and more rest.
All of the above plus a month's convalescence by the sea! ~PEPS~ Latest on The Art of Tea ( http://pepsoid.wordpress.com/ )... "The Art of Flânerie"
Maybe it's Bird flu Tony? Cheers, Mark


lol! I *had* thought to say that. I'm glad it was you!
I'd have to go in dragging a full body cast before I'd get a sick note, working for the NHS. Get a flu jab. They cost roughly a tenner if you are not entitled to one free (over 60, chronically diseased etc).
I am entitled to a free one due to ashtma (very mild) and buggered up immune system due to alopecia - not quite over 60 yet, thankyou very much - but haven't gone round to get it due to having flu. Ho Hum.
I had one free through work, and I still got ill! Isn't the principle of a flu jab that they basically give you the flu, or a sterilised version, and that allows your body to build up an immunity to it over the next month? Is that any good to someone who's already ill? ~ I'll Show You Tyrants * Fuselit * The Prowl Log * Woe's Woe
Believe me, Tony, it's not flu (as anyone who's ever had flu will testify!) so a flu jab won't make any difference. (And jabs once you have flu don't work anyway.) The reason it's not clearing up is because you won't let it. Work is OUT until you're feeling a lot more than 'roughly okay'. Rest, drink loads of water, take Lem-sips, and catch up with all those books you've been meaning to read for yonks. Dr Romy has spoken. :-)
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okay, I get it: jab = shot. Also had a free one through work. Had to sign consent forms saying I wasn't already sick, because with even a slightly weakened immune system, they can result in the very flu they're supposed to prevent. I'm not sick...yet.
Oh, I get it - shot=stuff you put in guns and fire at enemies (although if American it is very likely to end up in friends). Shot is also large hit of strong liquor or the past tense of to shoot. An injection, it is not.
Take comfort in the fact that your "buggered up immune system" actually makes you less susceptible to bird flu! (H5N1, to be precise) ~PEPS~ Latest on The Art of Tea ( http://pepsoid.wordpress.com/ )... "The Art of Flânerie"
I was reading about this in the Fortean Times. There's a column called Mythconceptions that examines those bits of knowledge that everyone 'knows' to be true without any real evidence. The sad news is: the Flu Jab doesn't cause flu. From the NHS Direct Website: (http://tinyurl.com/yflpbv) "Flu jab How does it work? Your body starts making antibodies to the vaccine virus about a week to ten days after the injection and they help protect you against any similar viruses you then come into contact with. Even though flu vaccinations will protect you against most flu viruses, they won't stop you catching the many other viruses that appear every winter. However, as flu is generally a more serious virus, it makes sense to get protected. The flu virus changes every year, so you need to have a flu jab annually to make sure that you are protected against the latest strain of the virus. Modern flu immunisation does not usually cause problems. You may experience a slight soreness in your arm following the injection. Sometimes, it can cause mild fever and slight muscle aches for a day or so. There is no active virus in a flu vaccine so it can't cause flu. However, people sometimes catch other flu-like viruses, or very occasionally catch flu before the vaccine takes effect. Allergic reactions to the vaccine are rare." Whoohoo, isn't it sexy being both a pedant and a know-it-all? Is there any more fun I can dampen? I bet the ladies all looooove me. Cheers, Mark


It probably wasn't flu. Flu means you cannot lift your head from the pillow because you are so ill.. not to dismiss anyones virus, but its true. Most people who tell me they have had flu have had a bad cold. Bad colds are horribly debiltating too, but they are not flu...Also, the flu jab doesnt stop ALL flu's, just that which is expected to be 'popular' that year. Worth getting if you are susceptible to such. You will have the pneumonia jab too then Tony. Lasts for life, and is well worth getting. If you dont take it easy following a viral infectionm with your immune deficiency you will get really ill. I know, because I had that, and its foul. They dont give you a small amount of the actual virus, the virus' in them are altered or dead, and they cannot 'give' you flu. Common misconception.
Snap... pedants and know it alls are great...
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And my response should be something like a jab is a quick punch in boxing, or a verbal insult, but an injection it is not...but the truth is, I embrace the differences in our shared language - I really do find them interesting. Soon I'll be speaking Italian and it wont matter.
a cold doesn't last so perhaps there is a secondary infection.Sinusitis often sets in after a cold and makes you feel like hell.Maybe a course of suitable antibiotics.Then as you will be run down some of that anti germ hand stuff to avoid any other horrid germs looking for a good home. Isn't it a pity though we can't retire to a good Victorian convalescence.Someone wheeling us in a bath chair for a sea air constitutional before tea,crumpets and a nap in front of the fire (on the chaise longue of course)


not a cold, not a flu, must be SARS


Mark, I think I love you! :-))))
so now I know - and fat lot of good it's doing me.
"Isn't it a pity though we can't retire to a good Victorian convalescence.Someone wheeling us in a bath chair for a sea air constitutional before tea,crumpets and a nap in front of the fire (on the chaise longue of course)" As was the case in Victorian times, this can quite easily be arranged if you can afford it. Ordinary people in Victorian times ignored their illness and got on with their jobs.


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