Comedy co-writer wanted

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Comedy co-writer wanted

Sketch-writer looking for highly literate comedy genius to collaborate with.

Brief background: disaffected 36 year-old male. Jewish.

Based in Belsize Park; the crucible of northwest London suburban comedy.

No track record necessary if you're genuinely funny and can prise out the comedic with speed and precision.

Ideas and execution of equal importance.

Male, female, any age (no under 5s); most important thing is that we click.

You could try I think they have regular meetings.


Thanks, just had a look.


Simon is a really really talented comedy writer and a great person to spend time with. Anyone interested should contact him - he is very committed and you would not be wasting your time


Thanks -- you can visit me at Harlingford Secure Unit, weekdays only, between the hours of 2 and 4.


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