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writing a novel

Im there or there abouts mostly in just ideas at the moment. I am thinking when I start to write my novel the best way to manage it will be to break the chapters down into indivual scenes and through the scenes use the three act ruler.

Is this feasibile is this way a proven method to write a novel. And if it is is there a set amount of scenes in a chapter.

get the words down and worry about it later. 


Ditto Celticman. I'd go even further and say don't even think about it. Just write. 

Not a three act rule for chapters as a chapter isn't really an end as it leads to the next. Otherwise it's a collection of short stories. Three act structure for entire novel is a yes. I use the 25 50 25 approach so if you write 25k words to introduce the characters and story you know you need to write 50k words for your middle leaving 25k words to conclude. That gives you a map of where you should be and if you're under or over writing.