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Tales from the ABC Archives

Tales from the  ABC Archives 

Hello Eds

Can we see some more stories/ poetry from the past.?

I have just read Nancy AM's jazz  tale from Jan 2005. Just a lovely read.

A few weeks  back I'm sure I saw briefly Silver Spun Sands post from some time ago. Another enjoyable read.

I do believe I did saw a Random tab, in, I think placed in the Read section. Could that be recovered ?

Anyway, as always I like dipping into ABC tales every so often to catch up





Our daily picks are principally there to showcase the best of the most recent work, but every now and again someone delves into the archives instead, as Ewan did today. So pleased you enjoyed it!


Regarding the Random button, it can be found in the drop-down menu 'Sort stories' which is accessed by clicking on READ at the top of the page.


Read - New - Sort Stories - Random. It's good, I enjoy random picks.