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Kristi Thompson

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This world was not made for agnostics (IP)

(Late IP : Get Committed) This world was not made for agnostics, she said. It's a believer's world. It's big and hard and unjust and you've got to hang on to something...

Committed (I.P.)

The first time I was committed it was for butterflies spinning round my head like in a cartoon. I couldn't swat them away, though I tried and tried. It gave me a headache. ...

Let's call it love

Until you came to fill me I could not touch my lack. I felt myself complete. Now I have a name for the empty space where love can dwell. It is called...

Midpoint (IP)

There is something faintly ridiculous about middle age. It's the point when life is no longer rehearsal, but life. Possibilities traded for a red...
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Regarding your roses, sir. (IP)

I walk in a sunlight world sometimes And breathe it in entire, wanting to absorb it all Quickly, before it fades away. I love it for the fragility, not to want to linger.