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I have 22 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Kristi Thompson

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Mathematics (IP)

The world has been divided many times. There is an entire calculus devoted to it: take the integral of religion, or the derivative of war. Show your work. The dead know only arithmetic, the unkind subtraction

Notes on the Construction of Cloud-Castles (IP)

Cloud-castles require careful structuring. No mortar will hold a brick of mist, or a turret of stars. The architect must bear in mind that dreams...

The Lost Generation

After the endless cacophony of dying a silence is born. Expression lacks point. Our words do not encompass the shape of a trench or shell blast's...

tweets from the future (I.P.)

[playing with tweetform: each stanza 144 characters] 144 character bursts since twitters advent articles are lost art writing sentences like novels...

On the Ward

It is not jail, no Not for a crime But time still passes. The ceilings are white. Night follows night, Each, subtly different, and around The inmates...