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Kristi Thompson

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When we were not afraid (I.P.)

It was only that we hadn't learned-- but back then the summer lasted and we sprawled late nights as concrete heat leeched blood from our veins in a limb-tangled fraternity behind the school

The Last Page, Unwritten

I no longer visualize an ending. Ever since that time when They came running, laughing musically Shooting the luminous champion with one small shining spar, and then Turning themselves away. The brightest one fell.

The Moving Vans of my Childhood (late IP: moving)

As a child I lived in seven houses. I learned how to sort life into boxes, that gardens could make way for pavement, to love only those toys I could...

Growing Up Canine

It is not that I was raised by wolves - my parents yipped and fought like humans do. But still I grew half-feral. ...

This world was not made for agnostics (IP)

(Late IP : Get Committed) This world was not made for agnostics, she said. It's a believer's world. It's big and hard and unjust and you've got to hang on to something...