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I have 109 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
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Nicholas Flower is the author of the short story collections So Long! Godspeed! So Long! and Smiling I Blame TV, the essay The URINE-8 Experiment, and the novel The Nuclear Powered Heart. He is currently editing and annotating Herman Henschel Koprowsky’s Encyclopaedia of Imagined Objects and preparing a biographical study of famed Norfolk philanthropist Charles Philip Havelock III. He lives in Norwich with his wife and daughter.

He also blogs here,where a lot of his fiction either starts off or ends up.

My stories

the all-time great prank

It was the all-time great prank. They took her margarine – this was in a shared accommodation – from the fridge, about half-used or maybe slightly...

your father

“Your father was retarded,” she said. “Simple as is. Retarded.” She repeated the word with some relish, the perfect summation, as it was, of her...
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the anatomically correct penis

During the mathematics course that ran through the final two years of my secondary schooling I drew a remarkably lifelike penis in a state of...
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the shared park

The doggers and the cruising homos share the park I visit most Saturday mornings with my daughter. We like to feed the ducks and climb the many...

please listen, it's over

The letter was sealed within manila and left upon the chopping board on the kitchen work surface, where he prepared a daily sandwich of meagre...