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Nicholas Flower is the author of the short story collections So Long! Godspeed! So Long! and Smiling I Blame TV, the essay The URINE-8 Experiment, and the novel The Nuclear Powered Heart. He is currently editing and annotating Herman Henschel Koprowsky’s Encyclopaedia of Imagined Objects and preparing a biographical study of famed Norfolk philanthropist Charles Philip Havelock III. He lives in Norwich with his wife and daughter.

He also blogs here,where a lot of his fiction either starts off or ends up.

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messrs. whipp, mitchell, et al.

Whipp was heir to the ice-cream fortune, to the Whippy good name. That shit scars the young, the burden of expectation, of destiny. The weight of...
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we's the real

The behaviours of the human are complex and often wretched, merciless and efficient as empathic robotics, though fuelled by the lusts of the flesh,...

bibliophile kid (excerpt) - "lunch"

I took lunch to the lakeside to relish what little sun there was. Though it was high summer the cloud was thick and the lake had risen far above the...
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bibliophile kid (excerpt) - "a journey south"

I journeyed south for a day or two to meet with an agent friend – of course I use the term lightly; agents have few friends, I even fewer – I...
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reflections and miscellany

When I was 18 my friends and I garnered some local notoriety for destroying a wooden bench in a churchyard for firewood. We were sleeping outside in...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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thanks for reading and your

Posted on Mon, 14 Dec 2015

thanks for reading and your comment. it's a true story, give or take the truth.


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