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I have 109 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
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Nicholas Flower is the author of the short story collections So Long! Godspeed! So Long! and Smiling I Blame TV, the essay The URINE-8 Experiment, and the novel The Nuclear Powered Heart. He is currently editing and annotating Herman Henschel Koprowsky’s Encyclopaedia of Imagined Objects and preparing a biographical study of famed Norfolk philanthropist Charles Philip Havelock III. He lives in Norwich with his wife and daughter.

He also blogs here,where a lot of his fiction either starts off or ends up.

My stories

the lady

He linked his fingers and nestled his hand behind his head and felt the exquisite relief of accomplished defecation and through the slit windows...

the swan upping

The four friends assembled in a rough semi-circle around a laptop to watch a YouTube video of a swan being punched that a sort-of acquaintance had...

the crows that came (2 of 2)

From their vantage point the crows appeared as memories torched and flitting ever upwards with the movement of the winds, black specks of the charred...

the crows that came (1 of 2)

The world was, and frail. The crows circled with authority, as if they alone were privy to some terrible truth. The tree groaned beneath the...

great british carnival (2 of 2)

9 Of considerable appeal to the mainstream chocolate-eating working classes, Them Living Bars! were a troupe of but four blokes, though were perhaps...