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I have 109 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
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Nicholas Flower is the author of the short story collections So Long! Godspeed! So Long! and Smiling I Blame TV, the essay The URINE-8 Experiment, and the novel The Nuclear Powered Heart. He is currently editing and annotating Herman Henschel Koprowsky’s Encyclopaedia of Imagined Objects and preparing a biographical study of famed Norfolk philanthropist Charles Philip Havelock III. He lives in Norwich with his wife and daughter.

He also blogs here,where a lot of his fiction either starts off or ends up.

My stories

a return to the house of death (2)

Their friends relished the morbidity of the house, the kitchen’s ancient wood-effect units scarred with blu-tak, the rich almost sweet stench of raw...

a return to the house of death (1)

this is the first short part of an unremittingly grim ten-short-part story about love and what it means to feel it and not.

once five hit

The group of near-feral businessmen urinated into their briefcases for Friday was upon them. Once five hit the beast was freed. They gathered around...

access please is by boat only (fragment)

The silent fens saw day come and were sated. The night had been desperate and long and rich with woe and the relief of the sun was palpable, its...

a summery summary

The suited oafs sprawled horizontal on the grass like Romans, squinting through the sun into each other’s eyes. The grass was scorched dry beneath...