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I have 6 stories published in one collection on the site.
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V.M.D. Gadeke

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It's You That Makes me Brave Enough

You'd think i'd be filled with doubt Because I'm still struggling to figure out Exactly what it is, about you. You drive me completely insane! You're arragont, frustrating, vain,

Wishing Well

If I throw this penny in that wishing well Will all my dreams come true? Will I fall out of love with you? This can never be real, You don’t even know how I feel. To you I’m just a girl...

Hold my Hand

Hold my hand But let me go. Keep me safe But set me free. Bring me close But keep your distance. Try to protect me But let me learn. Hold my hand But let me go. Talk to me often

Why My Step Falters...

When you're not here, My world quickly alters. It all becomes a little less clear And even my step falters. Every time I wake, It's as if I've had no rest. I feel your absence as an ache

Cathy Dear

based on my favourite novel Wuthering Heights