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I have 43 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 17348 times and 4 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Write carelessly
Write recklessly
Write as if you had no hope not to
And know that they will never understand

My stories

A Logical Proof As To Why I Resent God

Negative Event (NE) - an event that upsets the subject Positive Event (PE) - an event that pleases the subject Desire (D) - a course of events that...

If I were God

I wish that I were God I just feel I could do it better, ya know? I've spent many a long hour Sitting through the silent nights Thinking up my divine...

Up In Alaska

Clouds move in on a clear sky Just another day for me, here in Alaska But you're down in the Bahamas And I'm missing everything you do I walk a mile...

A Letter to Everyone I've Ever Met

I'm broken Everyone tells me that Like I don't already know But I have a secret From the moment you saw me, you knew I was broken. But it didn't seem...