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I have 9 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 7599 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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My stories

Katies Box: Chapter 5 Little Miss Bighead

"Don't be so stupid, I never fail at anything. shouted Chloe as she watched Katie leave through the swing doors. Chloe went back to her book mumbling to herself, "Stupid girl she doesn't know anything. but was distracted when she heard a strange sound behind her....... Everything went quiet as she felt one of its icy fingers poke its long pointed nail deep into her left ear.

Katies box: Chapter 4. Nobodies perfect.

Drawing her lines on the piece of wood, she began to saw through the first line. With her face screwed up and concentrating hard, she didn't see Mr Sykes come over to her bench and she jumped, as he banged his hand on the work surface in front of her. "No, no, no, don't you ever listen Gail, how many times do I have to show you, give it to me. he barked. "No, it's alright sir I can manage. said Gail leaning over the wood to stop him from grabbing the saw. "No, look at that edge, your useless, ......... Looking at his left thumb, as if he knew something was about to happen, suddenly it dropped off, fell to the floor and rolled along in front of them....

Katie's Box Chapter 3. Silence is Golden.

Jane hurtled into the classroom slamming the door behind her and trying to keep Belinda on the other side. Her heart pounded hard in her chest as she put her full weight against the door to try and stop it from opening. She didn't want to be hit again and her whole body shook with fear at the thought. The door began to open slowly, inch by inch, as the brute on the other side pushed on it. Jane tried with all her might to keep it shut, but slowly her feet began to slip.

Katies Box. Chapter 2. Just Deserts.

Looking through the large rectangular containers in the storeroom, she found a pot full of cold tapioca. Stirring it around with the large wooden spoon, she smiled childishly as she held the poison above it, but just as she was about to tip the first lot into the pot, the tapioca began to bubble and swirl. Small, blue-lightening flashes leapt out from around the edges of the pot......