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Jack Hughes

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Why Can’t We Just Get Along? For Rodney King

Why Can’t We Just Get Along? For Rodney King Rodney King was delivered a beating By a racist gang of uniformed men Who were supposed to serve and protect.

Flag Waving: a poem for the 6th of June.

Flag Waving: a poem for 6th June. At H-Hour on D-Day an armada of liberty Brought men and women of flesh, blood and bones And from many countries to the wide open sands

Cut Up 3

Cut Up 3 By Jack Hughes Beware sexy theories Troubled men, Smart women – Joy is your entire social life: An epidemic of sex differences. Why do people (but mostly cute)

Cut Up 2

Cut Up 2 By Jack Hughes Betty and I ‘MATCH BIRDS with Their COLLECTIVE NOUNS And Play With The world’s biggest spirograph. What colour is your life? ©Jack Hughes 2012

The Power of Contempt

The Power of Total Contempt By Jack Hughes Picturing meltdown, Sharp thinking, Somebody is lying. The media mogul, In money he trusts, but not in talking.