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Christmas Comes To Kevin Leary

Christmas Comes To Kevin Leary Kevin Leary was a bum. He wasn't a homeless person, nor an individual set adrift by physical or mental difficulties, he was just a plain and ordinary bum. He didn't work and he didn't want to. He was a small time pool hustler and an errand boy for a number of local gangsters. He did whatever they needed and he didn't care who got hurt in the process.

Windy City

THE WINDY CITY As we walked along the banks of Cazenovia Creek, the wind howled around us like a Banshee's wail. The water here is swift moving and clear. The vee, of tiny ripples, disturbed the surface only when flowing around the odd rock or obstruction in the stream bed. The leaves onshore whirled around us in miniature cyclonic eddies, like a special effect from the movies. It is Fall in Western New York. I pulled my coat tighter around me and leaned into the gale. It gets like this in Buffalo sometimes.

Falling Water

"Falling Water- A Frank Lloyd Wright Legacy The Buffalo Area is fortunate in deed to claim possession of two superbly designed residences of note,The Darwin Martin House and "Greycliff. Both are fine examples of the genius of America's premier Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The angular plains and prarie style lines stand out visually as distinctive and attractive representations of Wright's genius. I was fortunate to recently visit perhaps the premier example of Wright's vision in another residence of note,Wright's masterpiece of "Falling Water in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

X-Country Skiing at Elma Meadows

X-Country SKIING AT ELMA MEADOWS The air is gray and heavy with frost. The snow makes a crunching sound as you tred upon it. It is cold out, at five degrees below Zero. It is early morning and the sun is just peeking over the frosty tree tops, at the far edge of the eastern horizon.

Footprints in Time

Foot Prints in Time. I stood quietly on the raised portion of the warehouse floor. I could see all of the milling people and scattered equipment stretched out beneath me.