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I have 600 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Conversations With Arthur

A Conversation with Arthur The neon green frizbee floated effortlessly, in a lazy arc, across the broad expanse of carefully trimmed lawn.The long haired and graceful collie jumped high in a carefully planned, intersecting parabola and caught the whirling saucer in her teeth,.to the squealing delight of several small children who were playing with this magnificent animal.

Wave Portraits On The Strand

Wave Portraits on the Strand > > The Arcadian shores section, of North Myrtle Beach, is one of those idyllic meetings places of sand and surf where we like to spend many hours walking the beach. It is a broad expanse of sand that is part of Myrtle

Eve Of The Third Millennium

Eve of the Third Millennium We sat quietly, watching the large screen television, marveling at the parade of the world's cities and people's that were passing by for our casual review, on this 31st day of December, the year of our lord 1999.

Once Over Lightly

" Once Over Lightly " The Salon looked innocuous enough. It sat quietly in the corner of a small suburban Plaza. " New Age Tanning Salon" read the corporate logo, in large and colorful letters. The lights glowed brightly through the early morning gloom. " Open 24 hrs., beckoned the flashing neon. It was a welcome that few apparently resisted.

Yard Sale

The Yard Sale The dazzling-bright cool, of a July Chautauqua Lake morning, was glorious. A brilliant sun sparkled above us and was reflected in the indigo blue of the