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Lonergan's Wake

LONERGAN'S WAKE The band played with the ardor of a group of Scotsmen attacking a free lunch. The bunting and posters were hung in a lavish array of red white and blue. The beer flowed like water and some few noses were already as red as fire hydrants. The crowd was animated and expectant.

Badge Of Honor

Badge of Honor During the late 1950's, in a small Catholic Parish on the South Side of Buffalo,N.Y., a cadre of children daily stood guard on the busy street corners around our grammar school. Our designated assignment was to hold back the overly rambunctious children, at major street crossings, until the adult crossing guard had reached the middle of the intersection.There, she extended her arms fully, stopping all vehicular traffic. Then and only then, we allowed the crowd of children, that we were holding back, to proceed safely across the busy thoroughfare.

Holy Cross Vote

The Holy Cross Vote Lackawanna is a small city abutting the Southern boundary of Buffalo, N.Y. The major industry in the Town, for generations, has been the huge

Buffalo's Southern Island

Buffalo's Southern Island It is a place that exists more in the minds of those who live there, than anywhere else. You won't ever see the designation for it on any map reference. But, you will hear

The "Fifties" In America

THE "FIFTIES" IN AMERICA The coal truck backed gingerly into the narrow city driveway. It had a clearance of only a few inches on either side. The coal chute was lowered through the open basement window, so that it came to rest inside of the wooden coal bin. With a roar of rock on metal, and a cloud of black dust, the monthly fuel for the furnace was delivered. The chute was retracted and the coal truck pulled carefully out into the dead end street. Scatterings of small children dodged in and out of the alley, curious at anything out of the ordinary.