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I have 103 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Stories. Flash. Works in progress.

My novella, Coo, is published by Alien Buddha Press and can be found here

My stories

English Country Garden

I could laze here among the weeds of the garden for a thousand years. Irene waters her roses next door, looking at me askance. I know you’re watching me Irene because I’m watching you.

All phone calls after midnight are bad calls

(2500 words) Pyser Lee slept badly on Sunday nights. He worried about the week ahead, work. Having finally drifted off, he didn't want to go to the kitchen and answer his ringing phone. 'You have to answer it,' said Miranda sleepily.

White Space (Words 4291)

White Space (Words 4291) Lee Walker pressed down, down, down on the list of names until he saw Taylor Ball. He hesitated then dialled. After five rings, a voice: "Lee? "Mate, yeah. It's me, Lee.

A Home Made Soup (words 5891)

There are these days¦Long days, when the sun is bright and the air a scented, brilliant blue; birds are singing and the ice cream men give their odd musical vans one final extra special clean with a sponge dunked in a bucket of hot soapy water because they know business is going to be good on days like these.

H/ The Ticket Collector

ch 20, 21, 22 (1200)


168 of my comments have received 177 Great Feedback votes

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I can read both! The pic is

Posted on Fri, 18 Oct 2019

I can read both! The pic is from WikiArt - Street of Brothels - Otto Dix -- So I think it's fine to use.

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