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I have 10 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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A short tale about old people 2

I'm going to tell Aunt Mary About Uncle John He's borrowed Charles and Claude's Camper Van And he's taking the wife And Granddaughter Down to Bognor...

A bit weird

They've stopped wobbling I'm sorry? Wobbling Er right The sets in Crossroads? Oh thank God! You're a passionate fan Er no Then why..? I thought you...

A walk

Dorking and District Conservation volunteers Shall be commencing A circular walk That will begin at Dorking car park On 17th May 2002 At 7.30 am...

A mole

We did not go To Thralton Toys and Models Even though my Dad Had said Because you see He tricked me And we went To Thralton Hospital Instead. And...


Granddad pulled me close And, gurgling and wheezing He said: 'Malcolm, Malcolm, when I die I don't want none of them Poncey funerals. When my time is...