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I have 70 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Hello its nice to meet you.

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scars Everyone has scars whether there in the flesh for everyone to see, Or whether there deep inside hidden within.

sad quote

sad qoute We breathe, we sing the songs of grief For the fallen shall never be forgotten.

teardrops stream

Teardrops stream Teardrops stream from my eyes, running down my pale undead cheeks. Wishing i could feel life again, not life that the undead feel,...

starlight beauty

Starlight beauty She sits upon a large dull hill In night times breezy chill Gazing up at the stars Writing this in her memoirs The stars shine and...

singing in the moonlight

Singing In The Moonlight singing in the moonlight, dance, dance, singing in the moonlight, free, free singing in the moonlight, romance, romance,...