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I have 25 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 14212 times and 17 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Rask Balavoine

From Belfast, the Irish one. Not much more to say.

My stories


Melancholic pigeons from Berlin.

Chords are played on a piano in Berlin. They are played with a slow, melancholic touch, late on a cold night. The apartment is quiet and the sounds...


Picture him as you will, but when I first met him Paul was maybe twenty three years old, certainly no more. He was wearing a long, black, travel-...

The moon shines down.

In Paris the moon sends soft, cold rays of crystal light to shine through an open, uncurtained, attic window and fall silently on the heated, naked...

Out by Raghly.

It's still early, only 9.30, but I've already been in the sea out by Raghly this morning. I left the house quietly just when the dawn light was...

A Fox in the Snow

I watch nature devastate itself with another layer of cruel nature; a sweet sense of desolation wells up within me as I survey the wasteland, and just before my sudden sadness tips me into despondency ...