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I have 71 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 94920 times and 95 of my stories have been cherry picked.

My stories



'Do you have anyone with you?' Her eyes widen, origami Fortune teller, seeing False futures. 'My husband' Her hands clasp each other, comfort In...
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My toes curl As your fingers against My back, make Tracks like braces, metal Teeth, smile as though Caught in a trap. A fox screams, that Blood...

The desert

See then, the hard Misshapen land, worn Away to sand, It is Dead and rots, it Shrinks and shrivels. Pick, pick, pick away, a vulture Feeds its...
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Years ago

White door creaks as it opens; hadn't seen your face like this since those days years ago when you would battle through the rain; this time the storm...
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Bad news

Somehow nothing stops. Nobody else feels the anger. Nobody else shouts into their pillows Or stares blankly at white walls. People just keep walking...